live like a suicide

it’s said as grim as the smiling biker

                                          another spotless sunset in the prison walls
                                           these walls come nowhere near your cry
a bearded old man
a bottle of whiskey
cigar cracked voice 
                                          so many feet have walked this road
                                          but no toes have ever touched
a felon light post now spotlight
triggers the night to say
kills the night to pray
to many crimes done to stay
                                          his fallen shadow now grins his reap
                                          to reap it what now sow?
                              to sing the darkness deep within
                              to feel it’s warm embrace
                              to laugh in a gods like face
spawning demond luliby
children play and dance and sing the joy ignorantly
ignorant fools i feel so jelouse
                                         a smooth get away through the ghetto mur
                                         accompanied by nights intrigue